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Jai Crouch-Pelham

J A C Q U E L Y N   " J A I "  P E L H A M, FOUNDER

Jacquelyn Jai Pelham (“Jai”) feels as though she owes a priceless debt to the practice of yoga and meditation.  In 2017, she was struggling to stay above water as a wife and mother of toddler twins while also meeting the demands of her professional life as a busy high risk obstetrician.  She turned to yoga as a way to reconnect with herself, de-stress and calm her mind. ​


Not having much free time to travel to a studio for in-person classes,  she began her yoga  journey on her bedroom floor with a YouTube ten day yoga challenge. The peace of mind twenty minutes a day on her yoga mat gave her was enough to have her craving more. She developed a regular yoga practice which then introduced her to the powerful practice of meditation.


Through yoga and meditation, she began to dive deeper into self-discovery, heal wounds she didn’t know she had and embrace fully the radical act of self-love and acceptance. The effects were unimaginable and still ongoing. ​


Jai completed Jiivana 200-hour yoga teacher training at Spiritual Essence Yoga in March 2019 and  300-hour yoga teacher training in July 2020.  She has always felt her best and most aligned with her purpose when helping others. It is from that alignment Replenish Yoga and Meditation was born as a place to share the gifts of yoga and meditation with others.

Patricia Kahn


When asked what do you need to practice Yoga, Patricia always responds, “Nothing you don’t already have!”  As a person who believes in serving her community, Patricia feels that sharing her passion for Yoga is a natural extension. Patricia believes in making the practice of Yoga accessible to everyBody through the use of props and modifications.  “We are all wonderfully unique and so our Yoga practice should be”.


Patricia began looking for a way to build strength and flexibility back into her body that had diminished over the years working a desk job. After trying many programs that didn’t seem to resonant with her spirit or resulted in injuries, Yoga found Patricia. Yoga has not only been perfect for physical fitness, it has also been a powerful self-care tool for reducing anxiety by promoting mental balance and calmness.    


Seeking to increase her knowledge and deepen her own practice, Patricia completed Jiivana Yoga Level I Training in 2017. Desiring build on her knowledge, Patricia will be completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in March 2019.  She is a certified in meditation and Reiki II practitioner. She also has taken workshops in Thai body massage and has completed training in Thai Foot Massage.


Y E T T E R   J E N K I N S 

Yetter is a retired police officer, who started practicing yoga as a way to relieve stress and ease into her new life after the police force. She wanted to do an activity that complimented her free spirit and ended up falling in love with yoga. Her yoga journey began as a personal home practice. While practicing, she started to notice her then 3 year old grandson was joining in, actively doing the poses and loving it! She realized her grandson gained a sense of calmness and relaxation while also increasing his flexibility and strength. After seeing the benefits yoga had in her grandson, she decided to enroll in children’s yoga teacher training. She received her RCYT training at Budding Yogi and Mindfulness in summer of 2016. Yetter has completed a plethora of other children’s yoga trainings including teaching children with special needs. Yetter’s passion for yoga and teaching children is what she considers a perfect combination.  She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2019 and will complete her 300 hour YTT in July 2020.  Yetter will be teaching our RYM Future Flow for 4-6 year olds.  

Chrystal Mincey

C H R Y S T A L   M I N C E Y

Yoga has been a part of Chrystal’s life for a few years off and on. Wanting to make a change, Chrystal deepened that practice and became a certified level one Jiivana Yoga instructor in 2018. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. “Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully.” Always a student of the practice, Chrystal is a certified mediation teacher and completed 200-hour Jiivana Yoga Training in March 2019 and will complete her 300-hour YTT in July 2020.  Chrystal is a Reiki Master and is certified in Thai Yoga Massage. 

“In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. My hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. Yoga is the beautiful relationship built between the body, the mind, and the breath. Yoga practice creates space free from obstacles in your own body to live, to flourish and to blossom. Yoga is freedom, release and bliss. I am here to help others find this release so that they may be comfortable and competently and confidently move their bodies through life.”

Chrystal is known for her soft gentle voice, which most say is great for gentle yoga but is so soothing, you do not realize when she has taken you through an intense yoga class. She has a non-judgmental teaching style with a continuous flow, realizing you will get where you are supposed to be in your own time.

Chrystal’s classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt! She likes reading, writing, and roller-skating. She loves yoga because it makes her feel wonderful and she enjoys the journey to each new asana (pose). Her favorite place is anywhere people are gathered to sweat, breathe and break boundaries together as well as on her balcony doing a sun or moon salutations.

Yetter Jenkins
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