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Do I have to be flexible, athletic or strong?

Not at all. Yoga is for EVERYbody. In fact, yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and build strength. Come as you are.


What is vinyasa flow anyway?

Vinyasa Flow is a fluid and active style of yoga, connecting your breath with movement in a flowing sequence, but you don’t have to be strong, flexible, have balance to get started (just in case you didn’t believe us the first time)!  Expect to experience a range of postures: standing, seated, balancing, inverted, face down, face up, sun salutations, breath work, a closing relaxation and then some tingly feelings of joy and satisfaction.


If you are new to yoga, we highly recommend you start with Replenish Intro to Flow.


Is that it?

Of course not! Yoga is much more than a purely physical practice. It is a philosophy for living, a way to fully integrate our body, mind, and spirit; transcend our personal limitations; and eventually understand our own true nature. *Mic drop.


What if I just want to work out?

That works too. Come get your work out on!


What should I do on my first visit?

Relax, smile and have fun!  Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in, fill out our waiver and get accustomed to the studio. To expedite the process, you can create an account online through our website  The studio is located at 6772 Race Track Rodad, Bowie MD 20715 in Hilltop Plaza.  Please proceed to the backside of the shopping center (behind the 7-11).  We are located next to the Cakery.  Upon entering the studio, please remove your shoes. Cubbies are located at the rear of the studio for you to store your personal items and shoes.  We recommend you leave valuables at home but if you need to bring them in, please bring them into the practice space with you. Replenish is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  


Please remember to unplug when you enter the studio.  Turn off or completely silence your cell phones to give yourself a break and prevent interruptions in class.

What should I bring?

Your beautiful smile and an open mind. A mat if you have one.  If you don’t have a mat, we will provide one free of charge. If you tend to sweat during practice that's a great and healthy thing — thank you in advance for bringing a towel to keep your mat and the classroom floors from getting slippery.  We have filtered water so you can bring your own refillable bottle.


What does the studio provide?

We have blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters that you’re welcome to use during class. We provide complimentary yoga mats for use in the studio. We always offer water, tea and chocolate (Yum!). Please help yourself before and after class.  


Do you have a restroom?



Do you have changing rooms?


What should I wear?

You don’t need designer yoga gear, just wear clothes you can comfortably move in. Think about the possibility you may be putting your feet over your head or vice versa! Generally, yoga is practiced barefoot.  We invite you to remove your shoes upon entering the studio to start the process of unwinding and to help us provide a barefoot-friendly space.  However, If you decide to wear socks, please be sure they have grip on the bottom. Please be sensitive to your fellow yogi/ini’s and refrain from wearing any fragrances when coming to class.


Should I eat before a class?

Hydrating is always a good idea but try not to eat any heavy meals or drink coffee (whaaat!?) 2-3 hours before practicing. 


What if I have an injury?

Please first consult with your doctor or care provider about adding yoga in or back into to your physical routine. Yoga is not a competitive practice — it's a practice intended encourage self discovery, healing, connection and empowerment. Having an injury need not prevent you coming to yoga. In fact, yoga can help resolve many injuries. Let our instructors know before class and they will be happy to offer suggestions and modifications to meet your needs and keep you safe. Most importantly, always listen to your body and intuition, and never push yourself to a point of pain. 

How often should I practice yoga?

It depends on your goals, but in order to build strength, more flexibility and significantly reduce stress in your life an ideal practice would be 3-5 times per week.


What package should I buy?

Our Intro Offer: 2 weeks unlimited classes for $39 is a great way to experience yoga, determine which classes you like and how a regular practice would fit into your busy lifestyle.


Do I need to pre-register?

We greatly encourage you to reserve online for a class before you arrive to the studio. A limited number of drop-in spaces are available for each class. All reservations can be made through our online schedule at *Pre-registration is required for the Future Flow Kids Yoga classes.*


What forms of payment do you accept?

For security reasons, we are a cash-less studio. We do accept all major credit cards, and are happy to keep your card on file to make future purchases convenient.

What if I can't make it to class?

If you're unable to attend class after you've registered, please make room for another student by logging into your  account and cancelling the class. All classes must be cancelled more than 2 hours before the start of class to receive a re-credit to your account, to be used at a later date. Replenish does not re-credit or refund to credit cards. Monthly members: even though you have unlimited classes,  please be mindful of others and cancel yourself out! 


Do you allow latecomers?

For the safety of our instructors and students and to allow a relaxed and tranquil transition into practice, the studio door will be locked 5 minutes after the start of each class.


Is there parking nearby?

Yes! There is ample, free parking right in front of the studio.  Joy!


Where can I find your schedule?

From any page on our website, click the “Schedule” tab in the menu at the top of the page. This will take you to our MINDBODY site, where you can see our full schedule and sign up for classes. 


Should I be anxious or self conscious? I don’t know how to down dog, up dog or any kind of dog for that matter.

No! We are all here to encourage you and help you build YOUR practice. Soon you’ll be doing your downward and upward facing dog like the champ you are!

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